Why you?: Landing your first client

Why would clients turn to you for their most important projects? If you can answer these questions during your first conversation with them, it will give you the best chance to win their business:

  • What, exactly, are you offering? Is it strategy development, financial management, operations improvement, sales and marketing advice, technology development, change management assistance, or something else?

  • Why is it needed? What specific business problem or opportunity will your services address?How will the client be better off after having worked with you?

  • What’s different about your firm, its services, results, or approach?What quantifiable benefits and results can your client expect?

If you can’t articulate the answers in a minute or less, keep working at it. If you can’t explain why they need you, then do they really need YOU? You may only have that one minute to make a first impression on a client, so make it count.

Need help creating and defining your value proposition or just need some coaching on how to pitch to potential clients? Just let us know and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.