5 ways to grow your business in 2020

We’ve collated 5 quick and easy ways to grow your business and sales in 2020.

Use Instagram polls to ask questions.

This will generate you engagement from potential customers, make sure your polls aren’t straight away sales orientated. You want to start conversations and build value on the back of this, this will naturally lead onto sales questions and opportunities.

A very simple example would be...if you’re a local butcher, you could post a tasty picture of steaks and pork chops with the question “who wins? Steaks or Chops?” Once people start answering your pole you can go back to individuals on their response and start a conversation. Such as, “I see you chose Steak, they’re our favourite too. The next key question though...medium rare or medium?”, no matter the response from the potential customer you’ve started your conversation. Now you have your opportunity to highlight what you do or what you sell, the natural next step for our example would be “great choice, all this talking about steaks is making me hungry. If it’s doing the same for you, I just wanted to let you know we currently have Steaks on offer, 5 steaks for £xx until the end of the month”

Always make the poll an option answer rather than an open question, this makes it easy to grab someones attention quickly without asking them to do too much (thinking).

Use your data effectively.

Re-market to people that didn’t buy from you but they have visited your website and/or social media channels. This is a great opportunity because these people have shown an interest in your business and they’re a lead.

If you’re not collecting this data, you really need to start because you're not helping your business as these are lost organic leads. If you don’t know how to collect this information then you’ll need to speak with your website developer. If you don’t have a website developer then feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to give you some free advice.

Demonstrate Social Proof.

Use story based content, testimonials, reviews, etc on your social channels to create engagements and comments on your content. Once you have the engagement/comment with the potential customer, you can then have a conversation about how you can help them with your products and services.

Create a list of all leads that haven’t bought anything yet and send them an irresistible offer.

Use your website visitor data, social media and email lists to create your lead list, next an attractive, time limited offer for these potential customer. Keep the list you’ve created and mark off any customers who have purchased from you, you can then reuse this list in 3-6 months time with a new, time limited offer.

This is a great way to boost sales without spending any money on advertising.

Re-target customers that have bought something from you and target them with a new product or service.

These types of customers are great because they’re already warm leads that have experienced buyer from you at least once already.

It’s really important to remember when you’re engaging with this group of leads that you build value on top of what you’ve already provided them. Don’t try to hard sell.

We hope these will help you get the growth you’re looking for. If you have any questions, comments, support in trying these out or more ideas on how to give your business a growth boost then please reach out to us on our social channels or email michael@purpleyak.co.uk. We’d love to hear from you.