Your road to 6 and 7 figure businesses

Take a look at this…

To make over £100,000 a year you need to sell:

£50 - Sell 200 a month

£1,000 - Sell 10 a month

£3,000 - Sell 3 a month

£5,000 - Sell 2 a month

£10,000 - Sell 1 a month

To make over £1,000,0000 a year you need to sell:

£50 - Sell 2,000 a month

£1,000 - Sell 100 a month

£3,000 - Sell 30 a month

£5,000 - Sell 20 a month

£10,000 - Sell 10 a month

Now, I don't care if you sell high-ticket £30,000 coaching packages or low-ticket £5 pet toys in your business.

If your goal as a business owner is to make £1 million or more (aka 7-figures) it is very, very, very hard to do it exclusively selling only £50 or £1,000 offers.

It's defo possible.

But you will need a ton of traffic, leads, and you will need to be selling all the time.

Instead, I want you to consider how you can work your "offer economics."

How can you make more offers, that is worth more?

Or how can you make what you sell now, worth more?

For example:

If you sell £5 pet toys, can you offer a £50 pet training video as an upsell?

If you sell £50/mo email marketing software, can you offer a £1,000/mo plan for marketing agencies where they can white-label your software?

If you sell a £5,000 90-day fitness coaching program, can you make it worth £10,000 by partnering with a meal plan company and get your clients meals delivered to their door for 90 days.

Instead of just assuming your offer is your offer and it can never be changed.

Mould your offer to eliminate as many of your clients roadblocks as you can using creativity.

If you don't:

  • Your customers are going to go buy those other offers from someone else.

  • Which means your lifetime customer value will be lower.

  • Which means you'll have less resources to hire and do marketing for your business.

  • Which means you may never be able to hit 7-figures in your business.

With the right offer economics, you can invest in the marketing to scale to 7-figures, while adding more value to your clients in the process.

This is "the secret" most marketers won't tell you.

Because "offer creation" is an entirely different skill.

Someone with 10x less traffic, can literally make 10x more money and work 10x less because their offer economics are better.

If this is making sense to you and you have an offer you want to sell more of, we'd be happy to help and accelerate your growth and business.

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