Social Media tips for your business in 2020

In this post, we are going to cover some of the core skills, trends and rules for you to follow that will help you differentiate yourself as a brand and a business in 2020.

Ton of voice and consistency.

A consistent tone of voice is key to helping your customers, consumers and prospects connect with your brand. Your tone of voice must reflect what your business stands for and centre around your values, through this your customers will start building a connection to your business and brand.

People and not just content.

Rather than just focusing on creating content, go and find people to have conversations with. This will make your brand standout because you’re having conversations and not just posting content. Use sites like Quora or social media groups that focus on your business market or customer problems.

Check out your competition

Don’t be afraid to look at your competitors customers on social channels, look at how they’re...

Engaging with clientsGauge the content they’re putting out and the subsequent engagement it’s gettingAdverts and campaigns that they’re using include their popularityCheck out reviews they’ve received and any trends you can use to your advantage

Strategy is key

Too many companies struggle with their ongoing battle between PR, HR, sales, marketing, branding, etc. The main cause of this isn’t a lack of strategy but more of a lack of a coherent strategy across the business. Your business strategy needs to be driven from the top, articulated to the business and reviewed regularly. All other branch off strategies in your business need to link to your main business strategy, if it doesn’t you’ll have different areas of the business conflicting your message and priorities.

Turn your people into promotors

Encourage your own employees to become social media faces for your brand. Your customers want to buy from people not a brand. Turn your team into the faces of your business, get them to share company news, create content (within reason), post videos about your products and services, etc. Doing this will make your brand more personable to your customers.

Encourage social engagements

Get your customers and social media followers to comment about your content, products or services on social channels. This will work on many levels from good and bad feedback to creating more authority for your content on Google.