6 Tips for Content Marketing in 2020

Be unique

Don’t reuse your competitor content ideas, you can use themes or trends but add your own twist or expertise. Stand out in the market, don’t be another “grey” company in your market, you need to show your customers why they should choose you.

Sprout your content

Do more with what you already have. What we mean by this is have your topic and then reuse this content. For example you could create a video, the audio from this video could create podcast episodes, you can then use some sections of video and audio to create social snaps guiding your podcast, video and a blog you’ve created from the transcribed script of the video. If your content performs well you could even create lessons and courses on the same content and generate revenue through this.

Leverage land and expand

Measure content performance and adjust as appropriate, you don’t have to create constant brand new content. Poor performing content can be scrapped, adjusted or completely refocused. High performing content can be updated to maintain its relevance or additional information added to increase your lead generation.


Translate your content to get more traffic. HREFLang signals Google that your content is language specific. This will help you build authority through traffic and potentially more business if your products or service are internationally appealing.

Good old email lists

Build your email list to use to market your content. Offer some free resource for their email address to then use this list to marketing your relevant content. Another way would be to run a social media campaign to gain followers then use these followers to market to.

Social media focus

if you have social media pages, specifically LinkedIn and Facebook then post your content as a post. These platforms perform better for content on people’s pages organically because your posts aren’t point users away from their platform. This will help drive content consumption and encourage the readers to find out more about you and what you have to offer.