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Strategic planning is the process of documenting and establishing a direction of your business by assessing both where you are now and where you’re going.


12 pages of Strategic greatness! covering the model we recommend, structure, content and support options.

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After popular demand we have created an extended version of the strategic planning document, going into 22 pages of in-depth content on how to create each element of the strategic plan.

We also have an option for you add 1 to 1 support when creating your plan.


The strategic plan gives you a place to record your mission, vision, and values, as well as your long-term goals and the action plans you’ll use to reach them. A well-written strategic plan can play a pivotal role in your business’s growth and success because it tells you and your employees how best to respond to opportunities and challenges.

Despite the benefits of having a strategic plan in place, a growing number of small business owners aren’t focusing on the long-term strategies of their businesses.

Therefore, here at Purple Yak we've created guides for you, to support your strategic planning, documentation and execution. If you're really serious about growth within your business, Strategic Planning is essential.