Our Digital Marketing Domination program will show you how digital marketing (including social media) can growth awareness of your business as well as increasing customer base and revenue.

You will receive 1 on 1 coaching allowing you to understand digital marketing, learn how to use digital marketing to promote your business, create content and value for your customers, create social media campaigns and strategies to grow your business whilst creating systems and processes to automate this to save you time and money.

Start growing your business today.

Create content & campaigns that generate leads, increase sales & grow your business.


Our 3 day program covers the following topics, we should you all the theory behind it before working with us on how to practically implement strategies, campaigns and content creation journeys.

  • Digital Marketing fundamentals

  • Understanding content creation and the benefits

  • Understanding social media platforms for business

  • Measuring success

  • How to create strategic marketing plans

  • Understanding how content can create value for your customers

  • How to create new lead generators

  • An understanding of Social Media retargeting including the use of the Facebook Funnel, Facebook Custom audiences, Engagement loops and conversion ads

  • Analyse your landing pages and optimise for the lowest possible conversion cost

  • Full support, no matter what your starting point


We will you help define a strategy and educate you on the key tips, technology and processes as well as showing you the secrets for marketing success.

At the end of the training you will walk away with your own personalised plan along with a set of actions to get to your goals. You will leave with a complete understanding of how your business can utilise the power of digital marketing and how to use it to increase awareness of your business, generate leads that convert, sell products to customers that keep coming back and raise the profile of your brand. 


You’ll also be able to use social media to drive sales and engagement through other types of communication such as email marketing whilst building your company database and turbo-charging your scope for re-marketing. 


To be an effective business owner you must know the theory behind the practice and this will be covered comprehensively, you’ll be able to confidently analyse return on investment for every penny spent via your campaigns and you’ll be able to quickly identify key performance indicators such as cost per lead and cost per acquisition .

£1,600 ex. VAT

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