Business reflection is one of the most important skills to master if you want to excel as an entrepreneur, we work closely with our clients to make sure at least once per year they get away from their business to reflect and plan for the future of where the business is going. This allows them to form a strategy that paves the way for business growth through effective planning.

Develop your strategy and make sure your business has its best year yet


Our 3 day program isn’t for everyone, it is design for business owners that have or want the mindset of a winner. We have big expectations of the attendees our Business Mastery sessions and that is to add over £1m in revenue to their business within 12 months regardless of what they’re currently turning over now.

  • Review of your current business, industry and customers

  • Review of your current business processes

  • Deep dive into your brand, awareness and profile

  • Investigate additional revenue streams for your business

  • Look at your Business strength and resilience


Our clients come away from the session with a strategic plan for their business to take it to the next level, the plan will be formulated based on facts, conversations and aspirations. Each attendee will receive support throughout the subsequent 12 months to help alter and manage the success of their strategy and pivot wherever necessary.

Business owners that have been through this session have experienced up to 600% increase in profits in their business and over 80% of them attend at least one session with us a year.

£3,000 ex. VAT

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